Top Internet Marketing Secret Tip #8 for Businesses is Bounce Rates

Top Internet Marketing Secret Tip #8 for Businesses is Bounce Rates.
The Bounce rate is the time that a consumer stays on a particular web site and is used by search engines to help determine the relevance of a site once the consumer arrives. It is recommended that web sites attempt to keep consumers on the site for at least two minutes.

One of the most effective methods to achieve this is content articles and pages that directly relate to the search term that originally brought the consumer to the page or site. If they arrive only to find that the site does not have the content they were searching for they will leave immediately and cause a higher bounce rate. On the other hand if the page contains relevant information they will generally be content to browse though it long enough to determine if it is of value or something they have not learned before about the subject and keep the bounce rate for the site low.

A good method of keeping the consumer interested is video. If the video is not actually hosted on the web site it is important to use embedded video on pages of the site in order to keep the consumer there long enough to maintain a low bounce rate.

Maintain a low bounce rate by keeping the consumer on the site for at least two minutes in the combination with other SEO web page techniques can help generate high results in search engine ranking.