Top Internet Marketing Tip #6 for Businesses -Title Tag Keywords

Top Internet Marketing Secret Tip #6 for Businesses is Title Tag Keywords.

The Title Tag of a web page is the text listed in the heading section of the web page. The raw HTL information looks like this:

<title>Golf Tips and Techniques – Learn the golf tips and golf techniques used by the pros</title>

The Title Tag keyword phrases are without question one of the most important points to consider in getting a web page ranked in on the internet. The words contained in the title tag text of a web page is one of the top items that search engines consider for relevance of a web site or web page and will help determine the ranking that the page will receive by the search engines. The title text is displayed at the top left corner in most browsers, like Internet Explorer and Firefox.  The title tag text should begin with the primary keyword phrase the web page is attempting to be ranked on.

Title tag keyword phrases are weighted (ranked) highly in search engine algorithms, because the text is usually relevant to the landing page. The search engines strive to provide highly relevant search results and in most cases consider the title tag text words and phrases some of the most relevant content for the page.

Title tag text should give the consumer and the search engines relevant and contextual information about the content of the particular page.

It is also recommended that the other supporting HTML heading tags: H1, H2 and H3 be used in the body of the page and reflect the title tag keyword phrase in some manner.  It is important not to duplicate the main keyword phrase listed in the title tag more than once in the Heading tags in order to avoid becoming flagged as “keyword stuffing”, but rather include variations of the Title tag reflecting other secondary keyword phrases that the page is desired to be ranked.

Title tags, when used properly and in the correct format can generate high results in search engine results pages.