Direct Mail Marketing Checklist

Direct Mail Marketing Checklist

Re-Published from April 24, 2015 | By Danny Trizio It’s no secret that most marketers are relying heavily on digital marketing efforts, namely social media, to land new business. It can be somewhat simple to identify individuals that could be … [Read more...]

Internet Video Marketing Process

Tampa Internet marketing

Because of the high competition in today's market, all corporate marketing efforts need to include an internet video marketing strategy . Here is how the basic process works... Internet Video Marketing Process Step 1. Determine the target keyword … [Read more...]

How to Embed and Play a YouTube video on a WordPress Web Page or Post Using Embed Code

This is a short description and demonstration of how to embed a YouTube video on a WordPress web page or post using embed code. Step 1. Locate the video on line or copy the URL provided to you. Step 2. If you have a URL Address, … [Read more...]

Video Discussion Google+ Update: Real-time Search & Improved Hashtag Support

This week Google built real-time search results into Google+ to give users the ability to watch live feeds of Google+ activity about a given subject. Google also integrated real-time search with hashtags, popularized like Twitter in order to flag … [Read more...]

Professional Examples of the new FaceBook “Subscribe”

Face Book Subscribe

With the launch of Subscribe last week from Facebook, we wanted to show an example of some journalists who are using Subscribe to enable readers and viewers to keep up with their public updates and also subscribe to sources they are interested in … [Read more...]

Three Reasons Your Brand Needs You On YouTube


Three Reasons Your Brand Needs You On YouTube BY FC Expert Blogger Nick Nanton & JW DicksWed Aug 31, 2011 This blog is written by a member of our expert blogging community and expresses that expert's views alone. As technology … [Read more...]

Google Applies “clustering” and Titles To Video Results

Google is now featuring video listings from its universal search results pages in a 2-column, 2×2 format, similar to its format for featuring 2-columns of links of popular websites…. A recent check of today’s Google Trends shows that the search … [Read more...]

YouTube Links Last Twice as Long as Those on Twitter or Facebook [REPORT]

When it comes to spreading popular content around the web, where you post matters. A study that link-shortening service released on its blog Tuesday shows that different kinds of links rise and fizzle at different speeds — depending on the … [Read more...]