Internet Marketing Services

Social Media Traffic Consultants is a division of CEShoppes and is based in Brandon Florida located in the South Eastern area of Tampa Bay.  Social Media Traffic Consultants provides internet marketing consulting and Web site development.

The CEShoppes  – LeaDNA Marketing Platform is an all-in-one marketing solution that streamlines email marketing, social media management, content marketing, and direct mail marketing for a seamless experience across all digital touch points.  By reducing data entry, automating lead follow-ups, scheduling campaigns, and visualizing ROI, the CEShoppes – LeaDNA Marketing Platform cuts digital marketing costs, saves time and empowers your organization to make better strategic decisions.

Don’t let a potential lead fall through the cracks. Engage customers, build your brand, strengthen relationships, improve customer service, and monitor all your social media marketing efforts from one centralized command center.

Social marketing features include:
– Consolidated multi-channel social media posting
– Brand, reputation, and keyword monitoring
–  Fans and followers tracker
– Social analytics
– Social in-box

The CEShoppes –  LeaDNA Marketing Platform not only makes it easier to engage both current leads and existing clients, but also provides your marketing team with powerful tools for easily tracking ROI. The Marketing Platform empowers your organization to cultivate leads and current clients, increasing ROI:

– Prevents current clients from “stagnating”; continues nurturing client relationships with automated marketing and upselling.
– Tracks marketing ROI with easy-to-use tools and clear data visualization
– Empowers your marketing team to capitalize on social intelligence and nurture leads in a new way

For more information on how Social Media Traffic Consultants can help you achieve your marketing goals visit: