Rich Snippets: Troubleshooting

The most common factor preventing the appearance of Rich Snippets in search results is the use of hidden markup. For more information about avoiding hidden markup and other troubleshooting tips, visit Webmaster Tools Help ( … [Read more...]

Rich Snippets: Notifying Google

Once you've implemented markup, we highly recommend that you test your site using the Rich Snippets Testing Tool ( When everything is working properly, Google will automatically find it next time we crawl your site, although it may take … [Read more...]

Rich Snippets: Product Search

Product markup allows you to provide Google with specific information about the products on your site. Information about price, availability, reviews and more may be used in search results to help users more quickly and accurately identify relevant … [Read more...]

Introduction to Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are markup tags that webmasters can put in their sites in order to tell Google what type of content they have on their site so that we can better display it in search results. For more information, visit our help center: … [Read more...]