Internet Marketing Case Study #9 – Therapy Practice

Tampa Internet Marketing Case Study #9 – Therapy practice website in competitive market not ranking on the front page for local keywords searches.

Background:  Therapy practice owned a legacy web site and was unable to generate new business because the web site was not found by local consumers when searching for practices in their market.  The practice wanted to create a presence on the web for the local market to increase business exposure and revenue.

Obstacle:  Current market is competitive and contains numerous established practices with existing web sites that have been in existence for some time and rank on the front page with similar terms.

Goal:  Achieve first page ranking in Google for at least two high volume consumer search terms involving EFT Therapy.

Techniques Used: Website redesigned with Search Engine Optimized format, Targeted Internet Video

Domain Converted to SEO Structure:
Website Ranking Reports:
View Initial Ranking Report 07/14/2011

View Web Page Ranking Report 07/21/2011

View Web Page Ranking Report 08/15/2011

View Web Page Ranking Report 08/27/2011

Completion: Website target goal  considered achieved when all targeted therapy market keywords containing local area name were able to be found on page one of Google.  Goal achieved on 8/27/2011