Internet Video Commercial Transition “Videoless Video” with Music

Online Video is taking over the Internet. Internet video gets more attention than any other marketing media today. Business upload video to platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Veoh to drive traffic back to their web site and increase search engine ranking.

  • Over 60% of all web traffic now comes from video
  • Video in Google’s index is 53 time more likely to appear in the top 10 Google search engine results than standard web pages.
  • Internet Video is now the most popular item that consumers look for on a web site to learn about you and your business.
  • Video conveys your message or offer 10 times higher than text alone.

So if you have been waiting for the right time to add video to your web site you need to take advantage of this incredible offer now to add video to your web site at a great price.

Commercial transition internet video formats are created at our internet video company studio with still photos, slides or animated screens with a lead slide and call to action final slide.  These slides or screens transition from one screen to the next in a variable timed sequence, depending on the amount of content on each slide.  They usually contain low volume background music and can be narrated with a male or female voice for emphasis on the content for an additional fee.

Basic – Economy Starter PackagePrice: $1,495
with 4 Slide Transition “video-less” videos to energize your business.

You Get:

  • Three (3) Q&A Slide Transition “video-less videos” we call “Traffic Magnets” that are designed to drive business to your lead page  with a maximum length of 2 minutes each.
  • One (1) Combination “Call To Action” and offer video to motivate your viewers


  • Four (4) Slide Transition “video-less videos” created with up to five (5) digital slide images per video that you supply  ($35 per image additional if we provide stock photos) ,
  • Branded intro with your company logo graphics at beginning and end.
  • “Call to action” with your website URL address on last slide
  • Royalty-free background music

What you need to supply:

  • Company logo in a EPS, PDF or high resolution format JPG format 300 DPI or greater
  • Company Name, phone number and contact information
  • Company internet web site address.
  • Up to 5 images per video, one for each slide.
  • Up to 4 lines of short text for each video slide – Bullet points are better for marketing
  • Call to action text and specific web address for end of first videos i.e:
  • Call to action and “offer” test for last video, for use on landing page of web site

These internet videos will be available to be downloaded from our web site with a private link for immediate use when completed.  This package does not include submission of any video to search engines or video hosting platforms.

Each video can be submitted to our network of internet video hosting platforms along with a short description and link back to your internet site for an additional fee. Please see the available service at the link below.
There is also an option to submit the content of the slide or narration to our blog and article hosting network for additional quality back links to your company web site or blog

Optional Video Submission Services

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