Video – Top SEO Internet Marketing Tip #1

The first top professional SEO tip and secret is to make sure that the primary key word phrase is part of the website domain name.

One of the main methods that internet search engines, including Google, use to identify and index web site keywords is the domain name.

Before deciding on a domain name for your company it is important to first do keyword research in order to determine the key words and keyword phrases used most often by consumers involving the business services. One of the best places to research these keywords is free and provided by Google at

Once the most effective keywords or search phrases have been determined you can register a domain name that includes the primary keyword or phrase. Although it is sometimes difficult to register a domain name with the exact keyword phrase, it is usually possible to find a non registered name by combining the keyword phrase the local city or town, such or In more difficult cases terms indicating professionalism can also be added to create a unique and unregistered name like or It is better to have a longer domain name for search engine placement than a shorter name that does not include the key word phrase. If the length of the domain name is a problem for internal email purposes an alternate shorter name can usually be acquired for staff or personnel use such as that would automatically route all email information to the longer publicized domain