Video – Top SEO Internet Marketing Tip #2 for Businesses

The second top professional SEO technique is to avoid the use of flash on the home page or any page that needs to be ranked high in the search engines.

Although consumers obviously enjoy the use of flash for viewing video and animation, the search engines do not read flash well at all.

If flash is important to your web site overall message or theme then we recommend that you place a keyword anchor text link on the home page or page that is to be ranked that allows the consumer to open another page on your web site that displays the flash content. One method that has worked well for our clients is to create an anchor text link on the home page, or page that is to be ranked, that the consumer can click on to see the animation or video. In these cases we also recommend that a PNG or JPG thumbnail image of the video be placed above or close to the anchor text link that properly represents the video. Alt text should also be used in the image link from one of the primary keyword phrases the page is attempting to be ranked on to better let the search engines know the content of the video. It is important to maintain an overall theme involving the text link, anchor text, thumbnail image name and alt text for the linked image to maximize the page optimization. This will move the flash to a secondary page while at the same time providing the additional benefit of adding another SEO anchor text link to your home or desired ranking page.